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5 tips for growth on INSTAGRAM!

5 tips for growth on INSTAGRAM!

Instagram was estimated to be worth $102 billion as of January 2021.  Why? Well, one reason is because its a cool platform to share your likes and interests with your friends (and to show off what you made for dinner)

Another reason is that it is a custom built machine for influencing audiences and promoting your products.

Today we delve into the inner workings of Instagram and discuss the 5 tips for Instagram growth.  Follow these rules to supercharge your business and have thousands of people from all over the world sharing your content and buying your products.



1. Switch to a Business account

Growing a Instagram page isn't a simple finger snap and its done.  We need information and a business account gives you that (plus its free!)  Insights are a great tool, every post you make will perform differently due to content, timing, hashtags etc.

You can adjust your own page to perform better and better by utilising these insights to improve the performance of your posts.

For instance: check out this insight - it shows that the main followers are from London and New York... well that's vastly different time zones, so a post at 5pm GMT might perform great in London, but not in New York.  Which is more important?  Without insights you wouldn't even know you had a decision to make!


2. Go Live!

I know this sounds daunting! but hear me out.  You get two wins from going live.  First of all - it humanises your brand.  Potential customers love to know they are contributing to a real persons life.  Showing yourself in your home (make sure its tidy!) allows the followers to connect with you on a personal level and also gives you an opportunity to break the constant flow of product photos and videos.

The second and in my opinion more important win from going live is placement.

The average account follows 150 pages on Instagram and that includes bots and un-used accounts so the number is actually likely to be much higher.

All of these pages have the potential to be posting stories, especially around peak times.  To stop yourself from getting lost between them all, go live!

Going live will put you at the start of the queue (unless others are also going live too, but that is a much smaller number)  meaning that your followers will always be thinking of your brand!


3. Be Consistent!

Brand consistency is important in order to build trust with your customer base.  You can easily create consistency with your images by utilising the same filters and editing.

here is an example of a consistent Instagram page:


you will notice that not only is there a limited colour palette, the editing of the photos is also consistent (brightness, saturation, clarity)


4. Use creative hashtags!

hashtags are your search term buddies.  They allow the millions of users to find your posts by searching for things they enjoy.  Do you sell soap? you might think of using #soap.  However #soap has over 100,000 tags right now which means you are competing with 100,000 other brands for people to see your content.

Now if we use the term #rosepetalsoap the tags are at 1000.  This means you will stay on page one for longer and have more opportunity to grab peoples attention.

When using your hashtags try to think what the customer might search for when looking for your products,  Its not very likely they will type in #soap if looking for a soap with rose petals in it. They will be more specific and therefore you should be too.


5. Get on Schedule!

We know you're busy, and Instagram shouldn't become a full-time job.  There are many apps that allow you to create content and schedule the posting times.

This means you can spend one day a month creating and scheduling content and the rest of the month reaping the rewards.  The app I personally use is called Later.


Stay tuned for more tips coming soon! I hope these tips were helpful and your Instagram following go through the roof!


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