Fragrance Box Builder - 10 Bottle - Build Your Own

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We have a lot of fragrance oils! 

Why not try some new ones at a discounted price with our new fragrance box.


Simply choose the scents you'd like to try from our dropdown lists.

Each bottle is sold at a discounted rate to make your testing phase cheaper and easier.



We recommend buying 10ml bottles for:

  • Smell testing (ie. you've never smelt the fragrance before)
  • Making a wax melt to test hot throw



We recommend buying 50ml bottles for:

  • Small wax melt runs (makes on average 10 wax melt bars)
  • Wick testing for small candles 



We recommend buying 100ml bottles for:

  • Wick testing medium-large candles
  • Medium runs of wax melts (makes on average 20 wax melt bars)
  • Small candle runs (makes on average 5 x 20cl candles)

For fragrance oil information and downloadable documents please search for the required fragrance oil or follow this link for downloadable documents




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