3 Segment Clamshell

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Pricing is for packs of 10: 50 quantity = 500 clamshells, 100 quantity = 1000 clamshells etc.
Our 3 Segment Clamshell is perfect for sending samples!
Holds approx. 20g of wax and has dimensions of 70mm diameter x 15mm height (meaning it can be sent as a large letter)

Take the hassle out of packaging with our plastic wax container selection.  With a flat side to allow for a sticker or other branding these are the easiest way to get your wax out of the workshop and into your customers hands! they look great in store and protect your product through shipping!



  • Allow wax to cool to approximately 55°C/131°F before slowly pouring
  • Always pour on a protected surface
  • Pour a small amount into each cavity first and allow to set slightly, to check for any weak spots or small leakages. If all is okay, proceed to slowly fill to your desired fill level
  • Let the wax cool fully and achieve room temperature before closing the lid

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