About Us

At Simply Scented we have one goal.  Keep making simple!



To do that we know our job is to curate a selection of fantastic ingredients: fragrance oils, colourants, and finishing mediums for our makers to choose from.  Then we need simple and informative tutorials to help them along when using them.


That is who we are and that is what we do. 


We are creators ourselves and are more than happy to help you with anything you might need.  We love nothing more than seeing your ideas take shape and grow, to see hobbies turn to side hustles.  Side hustles turn to small businesses, and small businesses turn into global brands.


We believe all companies need to go through a period of trial and testing - us included!


Simply Scented is here to help that process be as short and simple as possible.  That is why we stock only the best products,  that is why we allow you to add your logo's to our items with no minimum order quantities, and that is why we keep our prices as competitive as possible.


That's it really..


So here's to you:


The Makers. The Creators. The Chance Taking, Dream Makers


and here's to us....helping to keep things simple.